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        TK17 帶紅外傳輸70MPa加氫槍

        The WEH® TK17 H2 70 MPa ENR with exchangeable nozzle receiver (NEC data interface) was developed for refueling fuel cell cars with compressed hydrogen (CGH2).
        The fueling nozzle provides the same proven characteristics as the actual known TK17 H2 70 MPa.

        Exchangeable data interface
        The IR data interface which is located at the front part of the fueling nozzle ensures proper communication between the vehicle and the fueling station thus achieving the optimum filling level.
        So far the complete fueling nozzle has had to be sent in for repair in case of damage or malfunction of the data interface. With this version of the TK17 H2 70 MPa, however, the data interface can now be easily exchanged by specially trained personnel on the spot and within a very short time. Downtimes are reduced.

        Prevent fueling nozzles from freezing on the receptacle - WEH anti-freeze technology
        The WEH® TK17 H2 70 MPa ENR is equipped with a purging line to allow for the hose to be flushed out with nitrogen during or after the fueling process. This can prevent ingress of moisture and formation of ice crystals when filling with pre-cooled hydrogen. Removing the fueling nozzle from the receptacle is thus facilitated even in unfavorable climatic conditions.

        The accompanying mounting is also equipped with a connection for flushing cycles and enables flushing of the fueling nozzle when not in use.

        Optimal safety for the operator
        The continuous rubber protection offers optimal protection not only for the vehicle and the front part of the fueling nozzle against damage, impacts and weather-related influences, but also for the operator against frostbitten hands.

        The internal coding for pressure range and gas type ensures that the WEH® TK17 H2 70 MPa ENR can be connected to the compatible WEH® Receptacles and also prevents the risk of confusion with natural gas.



        Nominal bore (DN)
        4 mm
        Pressure range
        PN = 70 MPa | PS = 87.5 MPa
        Temperature range
        -40 °C up to +85 °C
        Corrosion resistant
        Media inlet B1
        UNF 9/16"-18 male thread, 60° inner cone
        Sealing material
        Hydrogen compatible
        With plastic thermal protection, cold protection, hand grip with magnet,
        exchangeable data interface acc. to SAE TIR J2799 and integrated purging line
        Approx. 2.4 kg (5.29 lbs.)
        Conformity / Tests / Approvals
        Fueling nozzle: SAE TIR J2799, tests acc. to SAE J2600:2002
        IR data interface: NEC
        Medium for purging
        Nominal bore (DN) of purging line
        4 mm
        Media temperature range of purging medium
        -20 °C up to +85 °C
        Flow rate during purging
        500 l/h
        Product Series

        Marketing Features
        • Coding for pressure range / gas type
        • Compatible to receptacle WEH® TN1 H2 70 MPa
        • Easy operation
        • Exchangeable nozzle receiver (ENR)
        • Extremely high flow rate -> short filling times
        • Hand grip with magnet
        • High-grade materials
        • Increased robustness
        • Integrated purging line for nitrogen purging
        • Left or right single-handed operation
        • Plastic thermal protection
        • Prepared for dispenser mounting with purging system
        • Protection against impact and cold
        • WEH® EASY-TURN swivel joint approx. 250°
        • WEH® Jaw Locking Mechanism

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